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JAR-FCL PPL (A) & (H) Meteorology

Meteorology is a one day course, culminating with the JAR exam at the end if you so wish.

The Meteorology written exam paper consists of 20 multi choice questions, which have to be answered within 1 Hour requiring a pass mark of 75%. This paper has questions covering aspects such as:-

  • Winds
  • Air masses
  • Decoding of TAF/METARS
  • Reading 214/ 215 weather charts
  • The composition of the Atmosphere
  • Working out problems involving the Altimeter etc:-

You will have to be able to identify weather symbols and be familiar with ISA the international standard atmosphere, work out problems involving the altimeter and decode TAF/METARS, reading 214/215 charts and the use of volmet or ATIS.

SWS have a number of practice exams for our students which we can use if necessary as a useful progress check.