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Communications & Radiotelephony

Communications : Theory and Practical

JAR-FCL PPL (A) & (H) and UK Radiotelephony

Communications is a one day course, culminating with the JAR exam at the end if you so wish.

The Communication written exam paper consists of 20 multi choice questions, which have to be answered within 40 minutes requiring a pass mark of 75%. This paper has questions covering aspects such as:-

  • QDM's
  • QTE's or True Bearings
  • PAN PAN / MAYDAY calls
  • Matz penetrations
  • Special VFR and VFR transits
  • Use of SSR transponders and codes and the Phonetic alphabet etc.

This paper (like all the other written papers) must be passed before your skill test.

We suggest it is essential to study a copy of the CAP 413 radiotelephony manual before any attempt of the exam. If required a copy can be downloaded from the CAA web site in a PDF format. SWS has a number of our own practice exams for students which we use as a progress check.

Communications Practical

The practical exam involves an imaginary flight covering all aspects of radio eg :

  • MAYDAY / PAN PAN and relaying these calls
  • Transiting controlled airspace
  • Radio checks
  • Readability scales
  • Use of SSR etc.

SWS has two standard r/t simulators and a full size EMB 110 cockpit section with moving map simulation to give a very realistic feel to your radio training. This can of course help with developing cockpit management skills and practice the use of a plog/chart in the correct environment, without the real pressure and expense of having to control the aircraft.

The EMB 110 procedure trainer is available for a minimum of two hour slots or Day/Half Day hire for up to three people.