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Some of our most frequently asked questions :

For all general enquiries please contact us.

Q. Do I have to takes the JAR exam with you?
No you can take the exam later on with your flying school.
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Q. Are these exams valid every where?
Yes they are valid for the CAA JAR PPL / NPPL (A) license.
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Q. Is it possible for me to use any of your courses as an introduction towards my ground school before I commence my flight training?
Yes, as long as you inform us well in advance of starting a day course, we can then introduce you to each individual subject in such a way as to enable you to have further study of that subject at your own pace.
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Q. How long are the exams valid for?
From the date of passing the last written exam, they are valid for 24 months. You must however have a license issued within that 24 month period.
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Q. How much time do I have to pass all of these the exams?
From the date of passing the first written exam, you are then allowed 18 months in which to pass all of the other exams.
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Q. Do I require a medical to take any written exams?
No, but we suggest that anyone contemplating starting ground or flight training should undertake a medical before any major expenditure is incurred. Also you would not be able to fly solo until you are in possession of a current medical. You will also find that the number of your medical becomes your CAA reference number!
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Q. Do I have to take the exams in any particular order?
No you can take them in any order that you wish. Most schools do however require you to have passed air law before they allow you to fly solo. Many schools also require you to have passed navigation before allowing you to undertake solo cross country exercises.
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Q. Do I Have to be really good at mathematics?
No, most people worry that it has been a long time since they were at school. We will help you through all the exams, if you can learn the highway code for your driving test you can (with some hard work) pass all of the written exam papers.
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Q. How many people could there be on a course?
We try to keep numbers small, usually just up to four students (only three for the radio practical course). This makes the training more manageable. This is on a first come first served basis.
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Q. Do I need to have done any study before attending one of your courses?
No, we can use this as an introduction to each subject. This will allow you to grasp a deep understanding from the very beginning of your training. We would however like to point out that any study undertaken prior to commencement of a course, will be invaluable to you. Just reading through the Trevor Thom or Jeremy Pratt books a few times is far more beneficial than anybody could ever realize. In the case of radio for example, just reading through the CAP 413 a few times would enable us to cover the full syllabus and take the written exam well within a day. Don't worry if you do not understand much of what you read, we can then sort out and make sense of all that disparate (and at times turgid) information that has been absorbed by you. This in return will make any course far easier and enjoyable for us all.
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Q. If I need to stay overnight is there anywhere available close at hand?
Yes, we can recommend two farmhouses which offer bed and breakfast in the village and a Pub with great views and good food that is only just over a mile away.
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Q. Are there any hidden extras that we have to pay for on your courses?
No, everything is included in the cost of a course. Tea, Coffee, Soft drinks and on a full day course a buffet lunch are all provided free of charge. Please note that if you do decide to take the JAR exam at the end of your course there is no charge for that either.
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Q. Ok, how much does all of this cost?
SWS charge £20.00 per hr for ground school
The cost of a full day's ground school is £105
The cost of a morning or afternoon half day course is £50
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Q. How long is a day/half day?
A full day starts at 09:00 hrs till your brain cannot take anymore information! i.e. a long hard day.
A half day starts at 09:00 hrs till 13:30 hrs or 14:00 hrs till 19:00 hrs.
Note you would be required to check in up to 30 minutes prior to your first attendance.
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Q. How good are you at training people!
That's a very good question! We cannot promise to be the best but we do promise to try to be the best!
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Q. Can we contact you for free help and advice?
Just go to our contact page on this web site. Remember we all had to start somewhere.
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For all general enquiries please contact us.