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PPL Exams

SWS are a CAA registered examination facility, offering training for the JAR-FCL PPL / NPPL Theoretical Knowledge syllabus.

The main subjects excluding communications are as follows:-

On completion of the first successful pass, all further exams must be passed within 18 months. All of the exams will then remain valid for a further two years to allow for license issue. If a license is not issued within this two year period all of the exams will then be deemed to have time expired, and must be retaken!

It is important to note that a student is not allowed to undertake a PPL skill test until they attained a successful pass in all of the written exam papers.

We should point out that if after three attempts of an examination subject you were still unsuccessful, the fourth attempt would have to be with the CAA at a regional test centre or Aviation House Gatwick incurring a cost of £44.00 per exam.


This is a one day course covering each one of the JAR PPL Exams.
Pupils should aim to arrive between 0830 – 0900 hrs for registration and tea/coffee, with the day's main work commencing at 0900 hrs. A buffet lunch is included and the day finishes with the JAR Exam. Please note that the finishing time can be quite variable as we carry on working till you are ready to take the exam.

These one day courses are run on a rolling program which starts on the first Sunday every two months.

Wk 1 - Airlaw
Wk 2 - Aircraft General
Wk 3 - Flight Planning & Performance
Wk 4 - Comunications
Wk 5 - Meteorology
Wk 6 - Human Performance / intro to Navigation
Wk 7 - Navigation